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The Outpost

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Server Rules

Play Fairly.

Cheating is generally defined as the use of unauthorized or unfair methods to gain an advantage over other players. This can include things like using hack programs or cheats to gain an advantage in combat or resource gathering, using exploits or glitches to gain access to areas or resources that are not intended to be accessible.

Do not use any third-party paid or free programs which provide an unfair advantage in-game.

This includes scripts which can perform any action that is otherwise not possible to be performed ingame.

From the FacePunch ToS:
v. Cheating: create, use, make available and/or distribute cheats, exploits, automation software, robots, bots, hacks, spiders, spyware, scripts, trainers, extraction tools, mining or other software that interact with or affect the Facepunch Services in any way. Mods are OK as long as they follow these rules, the Fan Content Guidelines (www.facepunch.com/legal/ugc/) and the Modding Guidelines (www.facepunch.com/legal/modding).

Do not attempt to circumvent a ban on our servers by using an alternate account.
Such actions will lead to additional bans. If you're banned, serve your time.

Alternate accounts with Rust EAC Game Bans that are less than 365 days old will result in the new account(s) being banned from our servers.

After 365 days, if you have only one Rust Gameban and no subsequent issues, you may be eligible to play.
However, the final decision regarding all bans remains at the discretion of the administrative team.

You are solely responsible for the security of your account and any bans associated with it. Your account is intended for your personal use only; sharing access or using someone else's account, even with permission, is not allowed.

Players with bans from any game other than Rust, issued within the last 90 days, are not permitted to join our servers.

Automatic kicks will be applied to accounts that violate this rule, and appeals will be summarily rejected.

You are solely responsible for maintaining the security of your account and for any bans applied to it.
Keep in mind that your account is for your personal use only; do not share it or access someone else's account, even with their permission.

Avoid exploiting unintended game mechanics to gain an unfair advantage.

This encompasses, but is not limited to, entering areas not meant to be accessed, manipulating game objects to see or shoot through unintended barriers, and making or using graphical adjustments that are not part of the game's native settings.

Players shall not utilize any robots, bots, scripts, extraction tools, mining or other software that interact with or affect the FacePunch Services in any way.

Players caught violating this will be subject to immediate bans.

Actions that significantly degrade server performance are subject to immediate removal of the responsible entities or even player bans.

Examples of such actions include, but are not limited to:
  • Spam crafting
  • Mass despawning
  • Entity spamming
  • Firework spamming
Please note that any removed items will not be reimbursed under any circumstances.

Due to our servers featuring a combined Bandit Camp and Outpost we do not permit players to wall off or limit access to this safe zone monument.
If you are found to be doing this, entities will be removed without replacement.


Rustopia adheres to all FacePunch and Steam Terms of Service, particularly concerning in-game communication via voice, text, and notes.
We enforce a zero-tolerance policy, and violations may result in muting or bans.

Chat Rules

Racism and homophobia are strictly prohibited. We have implemented systems to detect and penalize the use of such terms.
Any attempts to violate or circumvent these measures will incur progressive punishments, up to and including bans from our servers.

Repeated spamming of the chat can lead to chat restrictions.


Releasing any personal, real-world information will lead to immediate and permanent banning.
Any information not native to the game world is considered doxed if revealed in-game.
Do not share personal information—yours or others'.

Even "fake" details shared as a joke will be treated as real.


Threats related to denial-of-service attacks against servers or players are treated as genuine and actionable offenses.
DDoS attacks are crimes, and we will collaborate with U.S. law enforcement and hosting providers for prosecution if necessary.

Real Life Threats

To accurately assess the seriousness of a threat, it's essential to consider the context in which it was made.
For instance, vulgar language directed at another player is generally not considered a genuine threat.
However, if a player mentions intentions to locate someone outside of the game or engage in harmful real-world actions like "swatting," please report such behavior immediately.

Real World Payments/Offers

Selling in-game services or resources for real-world currency is prohibited. This includes advertising such services in chat.

Server & Admin Defamation

Staff are here to help. If you choose to intentionally go out of your way to be abusive to them, do not be surprised when you are moderated for it.
Impersonation of staff in an attempt to mislead players or shed a negative light on Rustopia may result in moderation.
Publicly disparaging Rustopia or its staff is not tolerated and may result in action taken against individuals who do so. If you have a complaint about the server itself, please submit a support ticket.

FacePunch Code of Conduct
FacePunch ToS

To aid us in the constant war against cheating we do not permit the use of any VPN or Proxy services.
Exceptions are made for Geforce Now or other cloud gaming services by default.

If you are found trying to circumvent this you risk your account being banned from our servers.

Stream sniping is defined as the act of watching a live stream of another player and using that information to gain an unfair advantage in the game. This can include using the stream to locate the streamer and attack them, to steal their resources or loot, or to gain insight into their strategy or plans.

Note: Intentionally calling out content creators in the server that are not using their real name or information in game will fall under this rule as well and will result in moderation. Play the game and let others play without trying to cause issues.

Stream sniping is considered to be a form of cheating, as it allows players to gain an unfair advantage over other players who are not using a live stream. It can also be disruptive and frustrating for the streamer, who may feel that their stream is being used against them. As such we have rules against stream sniping, and players who are found to be engaging in this behavior may be subject to moderation action.

This is reviewed on a case by case basis and the burden of proof is on the streamer. The streamer must be using all standard known measures to protect their stream including, but not limited to: streamer mode, map overlay, disabled chat, non-obvious Steam names, etc.

Rustopia staff, as a standard practice, will neither sit and observe a stream nor spectate suspected parties to acquire evidence on behalf of the broadcaster. Decisions to take or not take moderation actions based on the facts available are the sole discretion of the administrator reviewing the report.

Failure to have the basic protections in place on a stream will be cause for closure of the report.

Please note: In most cases you must be an approved streaming partner for moderation to take place.
You can apply via Rustopia Creators

Associating with a player who cheats or evades bans is generally understood as having a connection with someone who employs unfair tactics or has been banned from Rustopia servers. This includes, but is not limited to, befriending, teaming up with, or frequently communicating with such individuals.

Being linked to a cheater or ban evader could be interpreted as "cheating by association," suggesting that the individual may be aware of or involved in unfair activities. Players found to have such associations may face disciplinary actions ranging from warnings to bans, depending on the severity and their level of involvement.

Moderation decisions are made on a case-by-case basis.

While we do not expect players to vet every teammate's history, we also do not tolerate any form of cheating or ban evasion. If concrete and undeniable evidence shows that players are aiding others in these activities, those involved will also be subject to banning.
Choose your teammates wisely!

Please be aware that the rules provided are not exhaustive; they serve as a general guide.

We reserve the right to exercise moderation at our discretion across our servers, stores, and Discord guilds, even in situations that may not be explicitly addressed by our listed rules.

While we aim for fairness and consistency in our moderation practices, our primary objective is to foster a positive and enjoyable gaming environment on Rustopia Official Servers, in line with FacePunch and Steam Terms of Service.

We encourage you to check this space regularly, as these rules may be updated.
Failure to comply with our policies may result in suspension or banning from our platforms.

Rustopia Staff Team

Avatar of Ghost
Ghost Server Owner
Avatar of Irish シ
Irish シ Senior Manager
Avatar of lencorp
lencorp Infrastructure
Avatar of CAMOMO_10
CAMOMO_10 Jr. ChatMod
Avatar of Tenor
Tenor Senior Admin
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Duck Senior Admin
Avatar of Gorgar
Gorgar Administrator
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Kailey Administrator
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Empress Administrator
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JoeyThicc Administrator
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Lady Mia Administrator
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Kryptonite Administrator
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emyska Trial Admin

Frequently Asked Questions

All player reports should be submitted using the the in-game F7 system first.
We do not accept reports via DMs or outside of our ticketing system. These will be ignored.

Reports are reviewed regularly and updates are not provided while a report is being investigated.

We are an Official Rust server group. Administrators do not play on the servers or interfere with gameplay in any way.

Every Rust server is set to save at a certain interval, generally every 10 minutes.
If a server crashes unexpectedly it will revert to the last save point.

Unfortunately, though we understand this is frustrating, we are not able to spawn in or replace any items lost.
This would be unfair to other players who also potentially lost items.

We are not able to intervene in gameplay in any way or interrupt the natural flow of gameplay. You can report bugs via F7.

This is a known consequence of either of these actions taking place.
We are unfortunately not able to reimburse any items lost from a crafting queue to ensure fairness to all players.

While we have all felt the pain of an issue causing items to be lost we cannot for any reason intentionally rollback our servers.

Sleeping and/or disconnecting in Outpost will cause you to be killed by the NPCs.
This has been a native Rust feature for years, and staff cannot assist with any lost items.

All abuse reports are taken seriously when we receive them. However, not everything that you may find offensive is something that we can take moderation action against.

We would suggest you mute players locally in game be either clicking on their name in chat or pulling them up in the contacts tab and muting them from there.

This will not moderate them for everyone, but it removes them from your game experience and gives us time to review things further.

All Rustopia Official servers are uncapped and do not have team limits.

If you are being kicked with this message you are in a region that is not permitted on Rustopia servers.

We do not offer whitelisting for this kick reason.

Please visit our Discord